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Blog | Halloweekend Camp
31/10/2021 By Simon Baldwin


At the end of October 2021, Scouts at Flitwick Scout group had the first camping night away since March 2020. The camp was split into two: a group of 6 older Scouts did a long hike, camp and cook as part of their Expedition Challange award, and other Scouts had a camp with a slight Haloween theme. 

As it was the first nights away for over a year, a lot of the camp focused on core camp skills. Scouts were split into 3 camp patrols to work with over the weekend. First thing to do was to put up the dining shelers! Scouts worked in their patrols to do this, and then moved on to pitching their tents and preparing lunch. 

The afternoon consisted of 3 different activities; axe & saw, building zombie proof shelters in the woods, and covering all the important parts of what to do while camping (packing your bag, what to do in case of accidents etc). 

As it got dark, the wood chopped during the afternoon was used to light 3 fires to cook 3 different meals in a "cauldren" (i.e. dutch oven). This ended up with 3 very tasty different meals to choose from (vegetable stew, BBQ chicken and bolognaise). 

After dinner, Scouts gathered around the campfire for campfire songs and toasted mashmallows, before a quick game of manhunt and then into their tents to sleep. 

Strong wind the following morning had us all taking down the tents and shelters a little earlier than planned, but all taken down in good time (of course the Sun then came out nice and bright for us!). 


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