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16/12/2021 By Simon Baldwin


This past Monday, Ruxox Scout Group did a short hike... with a difference. For this hike, one of the Scouts planned the route herself for the rest of the troop to follow.

The route goes around Flitwick and tours a selection of Christmas Light displays, so best done when it is dark! Instead of following the route using a map and compass, this route is followed by using the What3Words app to find out where each place is! On top of that, there is a quiz to do at the same time! (Quiz questions are based on the lights so will only make sense while decorations are up)

The Good, the Bad and the Twinkly Climate Change Quiz:
    1. Easton Road - cheaper.corrode.awakes
What number is this house?
    2. Avenue - intention.daisy.romantics
How many Christmas trees?
    3. Roman Way - applies.vacancies.streaks
Where is the Grinch and what is he doing?
    4. St. Nicholas Close - gender.laminate.looks
Who is cold?
    5. Brookes Road - scarecrow.workshops.lodge
How many days until Christmas?
    6. High Street - digitally.spill.cosmic
When are they on sale?
    7. High Street - entitles.mammals.pizzeria
Who are in the windows?
    8. Windmill Road - plunge.reprints.tests
What animals shadow is on the wall?
    9. Rosebay Close - clinic.sweetener.bumps
Which animal is by the door?
    10. Eagle Drive - spurted.walls.younger
Who is next to the snowman?
    11. Severn Close - zone.diver.moving
How many penguins are there?
    12. Hawk Close - inefficient.sage.beyond
Who is driving?
    13. Kestrel Road - toads.years.stitch
Who is sitting by the door?
    14. Dunstable Road - script.example.notifying
What is poisonous?
    15. Swan Pub - courtyard.apart.choirs
How many lights are in the tree?
    16. Barclays Bank - slimmer.establish.chew
What can you win?

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